Small & Medium Scale Ent.


The Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME) Department is specially structured to meet the banking needs of Small and Medium Scale businesses.

A team of professionals spread countrywide are available to provide flexible solutions to meet clients’ banking requirements, applying experience and pooling resources from the Société Générale network.  The segment is considered a strategic portfolio and hence specific financing schemes have been developed to meet the peculiar financing needs and challenges of the customers who are all assigned to specific Relationship Managers.


Advances are short term credit facility with specified maturity and source of repayment.  This facility is very easy to access and provides additional financing sources to free regular working capital.


For our Export an oriented business, our Pre-shipment Advance facility is provided to enable them procure goods and materials to execute export order.


An unsecured short term credit extended to SMEs at attractive and flexible terms to support their businesses. This can be either a loan or an overdraft.   Societe Generale Ghana has provided the Boafo Business Overdraft and Loan for our traders, exporters and importers, educational institutions, suppliers and other small and medium scale enterprises with regular cash inflows


This is an AGENCE FRANÇAISE DE DÉVELOPPEMENT (AFD) loan and partial Guarantee scheme designed to facilitate access to financing by private businesses and micro finance institutions. The Ariz guarantee scheme is very useful for customers/prospects which have bankable business but may not be able to provide the requisite collateral as may be requested.
The guaranteed amount may range from 50% to 75% of the exposure and a fee is chargeable by the beneficiary.