Finance Lease

Societe Generale Ghana finance lease is a medium term finance that allows you to use an asset or equipment of your choice, owned by  Societe Generale Ghana for a specific term of payment.

SG-SSB Madina Branch

How Individuals can access the  Societe Generale Ghana Finance Lease

The customer must have an Account with  Societe Generale Ghana which qualifies him to apply for this facility. Customers’ application letter must however be supported by the following documents:       

  • Application letter
  • An undertaking by Employer to channel all employee salary through the bank or evidence of cash flows to pay rental on due dates.
  • Invoice from supplier/vendor of equipment

Customer has unrestrictive use of the asset/equipment during the term of the lease. The customer has the option to purchase the equipment at a residual value at the end of the lease, the value which is 1% of the original value of the equipment.